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For additional forms please visit and click on "Scouter Support".

Important information regarding third party waivers, indemnification and hold harmless agreements procedure.

For Member Registration please visit

Registration Guide for New Volunteers

Volunteer Screening Procedure - Please note that your Group Commissioner or Group Registrar can provide you with a PRC/VSS (Police Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Search) request letter. Original PRCs must be mailed by the volunteer to the Calgary Office within 3 months from the date of issue. If you wish to have your PRC returned to you, please enclose a self-addressed envelope and we'll supply the postage.

Note: Group Commissioners may scan and email PRCs to the registration team at Please indicate in your email that you have seen the original document and that the scan is from that original. The document must be returned to the volunteer.

New address as of May 2021
Scouts Canada
PO Box 84149, RPO Market Mall
Calgary, AB T3A 5C4

For Police Record Check

Contact your Group Commissioner or Group Registrar to receive a PRC/VSS (Police Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Search) request letter. Contact your Relationship Manager, Group Support Scouter or Calgary Scout Office ( if you need help with this getting this contact information.

Scouters coming up for renewal will receive an invitation link to do their PRC/VSS online; if they qualify. Do not use online services unless invited by Scouts Canada with a link.

The National Subsidy Program, No One Left Behind (NOLB) replaces individual Council subsidies for Member Fees. Subsidy is based on income and family size.

Families new to Scouting, you will apply for a subsidy at the time of registration. Go to, follow the prompts to find your local group and register your youth. Near the end of the registration process you will click on 'apply for subsidy'.

Youth who were registered for the previous Scouting year and are being registered for the new Scouting year, parents should follow the prompts during registration and click on 'apply for subsidy' near the end of the registration process.

Please do not pay for registration and expect to apply for a subsidy after. Your application for a subsidy must be received during the registration process.

Group Charters are no longer being processed.

Group Financial Annual Report - send to



Program Group Annual Report - send to

Group Annual Report

Group Annual Report Word.docx

Youth Awards

Please note that groups can print all top-section youth award certificates (North Star, Seeonee, Chief Scout's, Queen's Venturer, Canadian Rover Scout). The Group Commissioner or Group Registrar will need to add the recognition to the youth's MyScouts profile. The group should print the certificate, purchase the award crest from the Scout Shop online, and present to the youth. Certificates can be found by clicking on the links below or going to the National website at Click on Scouter Support and scroll down to Recognition.

North Star Certificate
Seeonee Certificate
Chief Scout's Certificate
Queen's Venturer Certificate
Canadian Rover Scout Certificate

Adult Awards