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ScoutCon 2022 is back! This event has been postponed until Saturday, April 2nd.

December 01, 2021

Scout Con 2022.pdfScoutCon 2022 (5th Anniversary) - "80's Throwback!"

Crawl out of your holes and pack your gear. It's time to go adventuring again. ScoutCon is back in its 5th year! Grab your wand and alchemy permits as we meet again in mortal combat, erhm, "Board"al combat (board games). Get your 80's on and join us as we reveal our competition event on sight: delve into the depths of the earth fighting fire breathing dragons, with nothing other than an air pump!

Open to Scouts of all ages. Once again become heroes and embrace the mysteries and challenges of other worlds.

Email (Scouter Gini-Lynne) for information and to book your spot. Don't miss out on this popular event!