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Iron Scout 2020 - May 1-3 at Camp Hope Mission - Camp Theme "Time Travel"

March 09, 2020

Calling all Scouts (11-14) with their Scouters!

Are you an Iron Scout? Come join us for a fun-filled weekend experience at Hope Mission Camp (the old Camp Gardner), and put your Scouting Skills to the test to win the coveted Iron Scout challenge.
Participate in fun and challenging activities through the weekend with our "Time Travelling" Theme featuring the exciting Saturday Night cook-off competition.
Register now to get your choice of Time Era(s). Limited number of Patrols per Era. Each Patrol will represent a specific Era in time.
You can choose from:
  • Space
  • Western
  • Ancient Rome/Greece
  • Pirates
  • Explorers
  • Medieval Knights

Iron Scout 2020 Camp Poster.pdf

Iron Scout Camp Info 2020.pdf


Iron Scout 2020 registration instructions.pdf