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Chinook Scout Foundation and Chinook Council are excited to announce the first Grizzly Den Competition!

January 03, 2020

Participants pitch their upcoming adventures in the Grizzly Den and compete for funding to take their adventures to the next level. The Grizzly Den is funded by the Chinook Scout Foundation.

Scouts, Venturers, and Rovers are edible to participate. They must submit a proposal to the Grizzly Den’s panel of judges by January 31, 2020. Proposals can be in any form - written, digital, video, etc. Your proposal should tell the panel what the adventure is, who is going, how you have been preparing for it, how it relates to scouting, safety considerations, and a budget.
Any group who passes the pre-screening requirements will pitch their adventure to a panel of judges on March 14th, who will determine whether they will “invest” in that group’s adventure. The amount of funding that groups can win will depend on how many participants pitch the adventures and what type of adventures they pitch.
To submit your proposal, or if you have any questions, email
Good luck and think big!