Phone Email

Pre-WJ19 Events

January 07, 2019

Dear WJ19 Youth/Adult Participants and ISTs from Northern Lights, Chinook, Cascadia, and Saskatchewan Councils,

Hello! My name is Victor Lin, a Scouter from 59th Greenfield (Edmonton) as well as one of the Jamboree Unit Leaders (JUL) for the upcoming EPIC ADVENTURE that is World Scout Jamboree 2019 in West Virginia, USA. I also had the privilege of serving as a JUL for WJ15 in Japan.

I am sending out to everyone an invitation to two WJ19 Prep Events that are being organized in central Alberta. The summary details are as follows:

EVENT #1 - Global Cultural Awareness / April 13, 2019 (optional April 14 mixer event) / Edmonton, AB

For anyone who has ever travelled around the world, there are many things out there that come across as very different from what we are used to. That doesn’t make it wrong or bad, just different. As youth/adult participants and IST headed to World Scout Jamboree 2019 (WJ19) in West Virginia, USA, we should expect to run into many of these cultural differences from across the globe everywhere we turn.

For a taste of where Cultural Awareness comes into play, have a quick look at this YouTube Video ("18 Things You Shouldn't Do When You Travel" - (BTW, given the sheer number of people coming from countries all over the globe, there is likely way more than "18" things that we should all be aware of.)

This session is meant to introduce the participants to what is Cultural Awareness, why it is important, and have a little bit of fun exploring some select cultures a little bit more deeply through activities (e.g. crafts, games, food).

Deadline for registration for the Global Cultural Awareness Event is March 08, 2019.

For more information including application details and fees, please head to the following WJ19 Prep webpage -


EVENT #2 - WJ19 Prep Camp / May 24-26, 2019 / Camp Woods (Sylvan Lake, AB)

This is an open Camp to give all of the WJ19 participants (youth/adult/IST) a chance to gather together ahead of the EPIC ADVENTURE that is WJ19! The purpose of the camp is to give everyone a chance to meet and interact with each other (e.g. patrol-mates, unit-mates, contingent-mates), some for the very first time, as well as establish a venue to ask questions and share experiences (e.g. preparation activities, past WJs).

The camp itinerary will be kept deliberately loose and will be driven by the interests of the youth participants (e.g. wide games, crafts, discussions, just hang out and meet people). A Saturday evening campfire will be organized to jointly reflect on the journey to come.

Deadline for registration for the WJ19 Prep Camp is April 05, 2019.

For more information including application details and fees, please head to the following WJ19 Prep webpage -

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Victor Lin

JUL, Unit #6, For (ironically) both WJ15 and WJ19