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Chinook Council Service Team

Council Key Three

The Council is managed by 2 volunteers (Council Commissioner and Council Youth Commissioner) and one employee (the Council Relationship Manager). The Council Commissioner is responsible for all aspects of program implementation, delivery, service and support as well as implementation of Scouts Canada’s policies. The Council Youth Commissioner chairs Council Youth Forum and is responsible for providing direction, counsel and support to the Youth within the Council. The Council Relationship Manager is responsible for all non-program functions that provide support to the program and program delivery.

Heather McCracken Council Youth Commissioner Chinook Council - Scouts Canada
Heather McCracken
Council Youth Commissioner
Kelly Logan Council Relationship Manager Chinook Council - Scouts Canada
Kelly Logan
Council Relationship Manager

Kelly comes from a science and early childhood education background.

She is a long-time volunteer working with youth and is passionate about development of youth better prepared for success in the world. "Watching the youth grow in their skills is one of the most rewarding things to witness."

Kelly is a huge advocate of inclusion and diversity and works hard to help us to leave no one behind.

David MacDonald Council Commissioner Chinook Council - Scouts Canada
David MacDonald
Council Commissioner

Over my 30 years as a Scouter and Venturer Advisor, I have seen many changes to the organization and how the programs run. The one constant has been the strength and quality of the youth and volunteers that choose scouting. We have amazing youth who willingly take on leadership roles, reach out to help fellow youth, scouters, neighbors and the community. They strive to achieve, fellowship and to learn. Like many of you, it has been a privilege to watch the youth that you once worked with, become scouters, and parents and parents of scouts.

I look forward to meeting with may of you in the coming year as we work toegether to help uor youth and volunteers smile, laugh and learn as we challenge our current ability and open our minds to the possibilities. It starts with Scouts!

Let the Adventures Begin!

Management Advisory Committee

The MAC implements the Council Action Plan (related to the National Strategic Plan) and conducts and manages the “day to day” operations of the Council. The following Scouters assist the Key 3 as members of this committee.

Doug Smith Operations Manager<br>Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northern Lights, and Chinook Councils Chinook Council - Scouts Canada
Doug Smith
Operations Manager
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northern Lights, and Chinook Councils

Alberta Northwest Territories Youth Network

The Alberta Northwest Territories Youth Network ensures meaningful youth involvement in all Scouts Canada decisions and provides direction in all areas of youth programming. The network also facilitates coordination with area youth networks and encourages youth to take on leadership roles at all levels of the organization.

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Staff Member Directory

Western Regional Director Fiona Nicholson
Council Relationship Manager Kelly Logan
Scouting Relationship Manager Matt Worthy
Scouting Relationship Manager Liana McCall
Scouting Relationship Manager Mariko Zamani
Scouting Relationship Manager Mark Sokolowski
Camp Woods Ranger & Program Coordinator Debbie Sahara
Camp Impeesa Program Coordinator Blake Edwards
Camp Impeesa Ranger
Prairie Operations Manager Doug Smith
Member Services Registrar
Pat Papineau
No One Left Behind Program Meg Barlow
Member Services Registrar Meg Barlow
Member Services Administrator Leslie Burrows
Recognition and Fundraising Leslie Burrows
Camp Bookings and Registrations Leslie Burrows
Financial Analyst Ola Olutuyi
Accounting Anita Huynh & Ola Olutuyi