Position Charter

Deputy Council Commissioner – Recognition


We’re looking for someone who wants to make sure that good work does not go unnoticed.  In a volunteer organization, saying thanks for a job well done is how we can recognize people for their contribution.  As the DCC Recognition you will be working with the Area Recognition Coordinators, Service Team, Management Advisory Council and National DCC Recognition to promote and coordinate the Scouts Canada recognition program. This work supports all Scouters in Chinook Council.

We are a large council of 650 sections and 225 groups that support more than 2500 Scouters. This provides both great opportunity and challenge. The number of submissions for recognition is very large and requires processes to be developed and if at all possible automated. In addition – the DCC will be tasked to identify area coordinators that can effectively be tasked with delegated work. The successful incumbent will ideally be comfortable building and implementing processes and both capable and willing to delegate work effectively – managing consistency and schedule. Working in partnership with office staff is a critical requirement of the role.






Deputy Council Commissioner – Recognition


Responsible to:


Sr. DCC, Volunteer Support


Appointed annually, to a maximum of three consecutive years.

Position Objective:


The DCC Recognition provides leadership to and coordinates the Scouts Canada recognition program for Chinook Council to achieve Scouts Canada recognition goals and objectives.  This includes recognition for both Scouters and Youth.   This role will have a team of Area Recognition Coordinators who will help to promote and administer recognition programs.


General Duties:


–      Chinook Council contact for Scouts Canada on Recognition matters (both Scouter and Youth)

–      Works to achieve Scouts Canada recognition goals and objectives (20% of all scouters will receive recognition each year)

–      Promotes the use of recognition programs within Chinook Council.

–      Encourages and facilitates timely and appropriate recognition in regards to a volunteer’s appointment as a Scouter, long service, outstanding service, acts of gallantry and fortitude.


Specific Duties:


–      Serve as Chinook Council’s senior contact for Scouter recognition matters and for Youth member recognition matters (excluding youth program journey awards)

–      Actively participate as a member of the National Recognition Network, sharing best practices and challenges related to the recognition program

–      Actively participate as a member of the Council Service Team

–      Communicate on a regular and timely basis with the Sr. DCC, Volunteer Support, reporting progress and difficulties encountered

–      Ensure that adult volunteers are appropriately recognized for their contributions through the Scouts Canada National Recognition program, or via other forms of local Council or Area recognition.

–      Encourage, promote and assist Scouting stakeholders in the use of Scouts Canada’s “Thanks” button for commending Scouters

–      Administer pending commendations received by Chinook Council members on a regular basis (weekly, or as needed)

–      Encourage and facilitate timely and appropriate recognition in regards to a volunteer’s appointment as a Scouter, long service, outstanding service, acts of gallantry and fortitude.

–      Provide accurate and timely information and support on all Scouts Canada adult recognition policies and procedures.

–      Ensure the prompt delivery and the timely and appropriate presentation to deserving Scouters of all Scouts Canada’s honours and awards, working with Deputy Area Commissioners-Recognition who help to promote and administer the recognition program

–      Ensure that volunteer recognition records in MyScouts are accurate and maintained.

–      Identify Scouters who qualify for a Warrant of Appointment, those who qualify for long service awards, and those who may qualify for Gallantry or Fortitude awards.

–      On a consistent and fair manner, assign benchmark points to commendations given to Chinook Council Scouters

–      Prepare submissions for the monthly Chinook Council newsletter, highlighting aspects of the recognition system and recognizing award recipients

–      Identify Scouters who qualify for, and prepare application submissions for significant awards offered by agencies outside of Scouts Canada

Relationships: The DCC Recognition works with the Deputy Area Commissioners-Recognition, Operations Centre staff, Council Commissioner, Sr. DCC-Volunteer Support, National Recognition Advisor, National Recognition Network, Area Support Managers, Area and Group Commissioners, Group Recognition Coordinators and Council event organizers and trainers.
Time Commitment:


–      A regular commitment of at least 4-5 hours per week, in addition to a few weekend meetings per year


–      Commitment to the goals and objectives of Scouts Canada’s recognition program

–      Thorough knowledge and understanding of Scouts Canada’s volunteer recognition program

–      Demonstrated leadership, management, problem-solving and decision-making skills

–      Excellent communication skills; ability to communicate clearly and professionally both verbally and in writing

–      3 years of previous experience as a program or support Scouter

–      An attitude of service, with the ability to maintain a cheerful, energetic, objective and positive attitude towards Scouting and fellow Scouters

–      Demonstrated skills and experience as an effective team member and team leader

–      Ability to coach, mentor, provide guidance, facilitate and encourage others

–      Willing to take training related to the role, and to grow as a volunteer of Scouts Canada