Have you heard leaders say they were frustrated:

  •          Keeping paper records?
  •          Having the youth not know where they really stood?
  •          Having the other leaders not know the overall status of the section?
  •          Trying to figure out which missing requirements should be the focus of upcoming meetings?

A Scouter has created a solution to these and and many more frustrations. ScoutsTracker is a searchable, web-based, backed-up badge and event tracking system that lets leaders, youths and parents see the latest data presented in an intuitive manner that helps the leaders plan program, and the youth progress through the program.


Scoutstracker is the official APP of Scouts Canada.


This year Chinook Council has successfully negotiated a generous $10,000 donation to cover the annual license fee ($39.95 per section) for all groups in Chinook.


A Section Account lets all the people who need access to the records, have access. Leaders can see (and update) all their youths’ records, while youth and their parents can see (but not update) just their own records. The Group Commissioner can also be a user so you can see how your Sections are doing and see if there are any ways you can help.


To make sure every section has a Scoutstracker license, we are asking Group Commissioners to sign up each of your sections. Group Commissioners can do it themselves, have your Group Administrator do it or have  Section Leader sign up for their sections.


It’s easy to do:

1.     Visit

2.     On the right hand side of the page, where you see the sign in box, click on the first section you want to create an account for and create their account.

3.     Follow the instructions.

4.     When you get the the space for GROUP LICENSE KEY, enter chinf417


Leaders will adopt new resources like this if they get together and explore the software together. Group Commissioners can organize sessions for their groups. If you need help, your Area Commissioner or Area Support Manager can arrange for someone to help you.


We hope Scoutstracker will help your provide great Scouting experiences!