Approved Program Activities (No Waiver Required)

The following facilities in Calgary and the south central Alberta area do not require our members to sign waivers, have accepted Scouts Canada’s hold harmless agreement, or Scouts Canada has accepted their waivers.  Please confirm with your Area Support Manager to ensure any agreements are still valid.

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting
Climbing Walls
Horseback Riding

Please Note

Some service providers who have signed indemnification agreements regularly hire new employees who are not aware of the agreement with Scouts Canada. Should an employee ask you to sign waivers ask the employee to check with their supervisor. Should you still be required to sign a waiver, please contact your Area Support Manager.

Scouts Canada members may not use the the Banff Centre Climbing Wall, the Calgary Climbing Centre, City of Calgary Leisure Centres climbing walls, or the Stronghold Climbing Centre for Scouting activities because these facilities have advised us that they require unacceptable waivers.

Some Scouters consider organizing “non-Scouting” outings for activities that require waivers. This is not a wise plan. Parents, who think the activity is still “sort of” Scouting, are likely to be upset when they learn that their child’s Scouts Canada insurance does not apply to the activity. Any adults organizing such trips are exposing themselves to unnecessary liability.

Challenging activities will remain part of Scouts Canada’s programs. Our national insurer believes that camping, canoeing, rock climbing, trial riding, etc. should be part of Scouting. The insurer is comfortable that we are trying to practice the best risk management possible but will not permit Scouts Canada to accept responsibility for the negligence of others. That is exactly what the majority of waivers require us to do.

You can help us keep challenging activities in Scouting. Please contact your Area Support Manager:

• About a program and service provider that requires a waiver and will not accept our hold Indemnification Agreement. We will try to negotiate with them.

• About an activity/facility that does not require a waiver. We will advertise them to other Scouters.

• Questions you may have about liability insurance.