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Scouting and the Duke of Edinburgh

January 15, 2016
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

There has long been a partnership and overlap between Scouting and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, however, the relationship between the two programs is not always transparent. The most important thing to remember is that since The DoE Award is designed to compliment existing programs it does not require participants to complete tasks in addition to those required for Scouting awards, rather that these activities can count towards both programs. Ultimately, if you have an active Venturer company or Rover crew the requirements for the Award are likely being met already and participants simply need to record their activities.

See the attached link for more specific information but in brief – as a youth… why do the DoE in parallel with your Queen’s Vents award of Rover program?

  • Get recognized for the awesome things you already do!
  • Looks great on a resume, job application, or scholarship application.
  • Challenge yourself to try new things.
  • It feels great to achieve the goals you set for yourself.
  • Work together with your friends to get involved with new activities or plan overnight trips.
  • Highest form of recognition available to youth in Canada outside of an independent medal

As a Scouter – why encourage your youth to participate in DoE programs?

  • Increased engagement with your youth
  • Encourages youth to participate in service and fundraising
  • Encourages youth to plan and participate in more camps
  • Encourages youth to get involved in the younger sections as junior leaders
  • Encourages youth to involve their friends and family
  • Provides an incentive for youth to pursue Scouting awards and aligns with the objectives of the Canadian Path

For full information, please see the attachment below.

Scouting and the DoE