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Council Key Three

The Council is managed by 2 volunteers (Council Commissioner and Council Youth Commissioner) and one employee (the Council Executive Director). The Council Commissioner is responsible for all aspects of program implementation, delivery, service and support as well as implementation of Scouts Canada’s policies. The Council Youth Commissioner chairs Council Youth Forum and is responsible for providing direction, counsel and support to the Youth within the Council. The Council Executive Director is responsible for all non-program functions that provide support to the program and program delivery.

Fiona Nicholson
Fiona Nicholson
Council Executive Director
Alex Kinnaird
Alex Kinnaird
Council Youth Commissioner

Management Advisory Committee

The Committee implements the Council Action Plan (related to the National Strategic Plan) and conducts and manages the “day to day” operations of the Council. The following Scouters assist the Key 3 as members of this committee.

Arlette Watwood
Arlette Watwood
Volunteer Support
Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw
Program Support
Cam Welsh
Cam Welsh
Camps & Events
Bruce Watson
Bruce Watson
Strategic Growth
Doug Smith
Doug Smith
Operations Manager- Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northern Lights, and Chinook Councils

Council Youth Network

The Council Youth ensures meaningful youth involvement in all Scouts Canada decisions and provides direction in all areas of youth programming. The network also facilitates coordination with area youth networks and encourages youth to take on leadership roles at all levels of the organization.

Council Service Team

Council Service Team

Council Service Team

Area Key 3

The Area Commissioner is responsible for all aspects of program implementation, delivery, service and support as well as implementation of Scouts Canada’s policies within their service area.

CHINOOK NORTH Area Key 3 (AK3) – DCC: Kerry Black; ASM: Ugie Ifesi; DYCC: Vacancy

Mountain View  
Area Commissioner Linda Rose
Area Youth Commissioner Maggie Wiebe
Prairies to Rockies North  
Area Commissioner [Interim] Kerry Black
Area Commissioner Richard Brink
Nose Hill West  
Area Commissioner Ross Laurie
Youth Commissioner Rachel Mallinson

CHINOOK SOUTH Area Key 3 (AK3) – DCC: Vacancy; ASM: Jim Taylor; DYCC: Vacancy

Southern Trails (E)  
  Area Commissioner Steve Wierenga
  Youth Commissioner Josh Morris
Southern Trails (W)  
  Area Commissioner Tim Fountain
  Youth Commissioner Josh Morris
Prairies to Rockies South  
  Area Commissioner Shawn Rose
Heritage Trails  
  Area Commissioner Scott Berry
  Area Youth Commissioner Nigel Nimegeers

SOUTH Area Key 3 (AK3) – DCC: David Forbes; ASM: Tom Spackman; DYCC: Debra-Lynn Willard

Windstone Centre  
Area Commissioner Lorne Buchwald
Windstone West  
Area Commissioner Wayne Oliver
Windstone (LDS)   
Area Commissioner Steve Uwazny
Windstone East Taber, Lethbridge (E)  
Area Commissioner Bob Kolibar
Chief Mountain Deseret North  
Area Commissioner Rolf Michel
Chief Mountain Deseret South  
Area Commissioner Bart Atwood

CALGARY SOUTH Area Key 3 (AK3) – DCCVacancy; ASM: Simon Evison; DYCCVacancy

Area Commissioner Jim Werner
Area Commissioner Vacant
Nose Hill East  
Area Commissioner Vacant

CHINOOK LDS Area Key 3 (AK3) – DCC: Kindal Robertson; DYCC: Vacancy

Chinook LDS Calgary & East Stakes  
  Area Commissioner Richard Brink
  ASM Simon Evison
Calgary NorthWest  
  Area Commissioner Jeff Shipley
  ASM Ugie Ifesi
Chinook LDS South & Foothillls Stakes  
  Area Commissioner Vacant
  ASM Jim Taylor


Staff Members

Executive Director Fiona Nicholson
Area Support Manager Ugie Ifesi
Area Support Manager Tom Spackman
Area Support Manager Jim Taylor
Area Support Manager Simon Evison
Camp Program Coordinator Blake Edwards
Camp Impeesa Ranger Jim (Tracker) Taylor
Prairie Operations Manager Doug Smith
Senior Registrar Susan Lee
No One Left Behind Program
Registrar Pat Papineau
Member Services Administrator Leslie Burrows
Recognition and Fundraising Leslie Burrows
Camp Bookings, Event Registrations and Communications Leslie Burrows
Financial Analyst Ola Olutuyi